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Pros & Cons of 30 [07 Jan 2013|02:12pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

So one of the girls on my favorite morning show on XL turned 30 today and since it will be my time to turn 30 in just 7 months I thought this post she made would be appropriate for me to post. As I am freaking about about being 30, I am also trying to embrace it

Turning 30 CONS

-You're no longer 'in your 20s'

-You can't get away with little to no make-up or just 'throwing something on' to wear

-You feel guilty after making irresponsible decisions

-People don't give you a pass for 'not knowing any better'

-Your tolerance for BS and drama significantly decreases making you much bitchier

-Losing weight is much harder

Turning 30 PROS:

-They say this is when women hit their sexual peak!

-You don't care as much about what other people think

-You're so much more confident!

-You're still not in your 40's ;)

-You get more respect and are taken more seriously

-Getting carded is a compliment and no longer annoying

-Your wrinkles don't take over your face yet, but still give you street cred

-You no longer have to worry about turning 30

-You've still got plenty of time if you haven't had a baby yet and if you're pregnant like me, it's a perfect age to give up your hard partying and become a Mom (if that's what you want)

-Your friends are usually established in a job and won't ask you for money or a place to stay

-Your relationship with your parents is better than ever

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Life is good! [15 Aug 2012|01:06pm]
Life has been treating me like a queen this year! With how terrible last year was... I deserve this damn it! lol I am about to get married to the best guy in the world. Who treats me like I am the only woman in the world to him. I just can't believe we found each other.

My birthday is this Sunday.... the big 29 lol. It is being overshadowed by the wedding of course which is fine by me lol. Next year we are going to make my 30th a huge deal. Vegas baby! I can't wait!

My bachelorette party is next weekend which will be completely insane I'm sure. With almost 20 people coming I am sure we will end up leaving someone behind lol. I am SO excited!

Then wedding week. OMG I am just so excited. I have not had one stressful part to this wedding (besides waiting for the money to pay for it, which I finally got last month!) the whole experience has been amazing. I really have my 2 bffs Tina and Meg to thank for that. Without them I would have been lost. They were both so involved and such a big part of this wedding. I hope they enjoy it as much as I will. So many people are coming to town for the wedding and I can't wait to see them all!

Then November Dan and I will go on a short 4 day honeymoon cruise, but our big honeymoon will be England next year! So much to look forward to!!!!

Yay! :) :)
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[31 Aug 2010|05:04pm]

Happy :)

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Things I need to do..... [28 Jul 2009|04:09pm]
[ mood | blah ]

1. Go to the Dr.
2. Go to the Dentist
3. Go to the Eye Dr.
4. Get more contacts
5. Go food shopping for healthy food
6. Start my diet
7. Get on the treadmill every day

8. Only drink 1 can of diet soda per day if that
9. Try to be more outgoing
10. Lose 30 pounds
11. Be a good mommy to Bella
12. Read more
13. Keep doing a great job at work so I don't lose my job... again
14. Just be me

The End.

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update! [29 May 2009|05:20pm]
so things are going a lot better for me now. i got a job finally! i am actually working at ticketmaster again. but i have a higher up position and i am making a lot more money! i am seriously so glad to be back at work. and i love my job! i have a lot of responsibilities and i am happy about it. and i feel right at home because i already know most of the people here. i also moved in with tina. that is going great! i have to admit i was a little nervous to live with a kid but taylor is great! i seriously love having him around. hes so funny and he just livens up my day! i bought a bunch of stuff to decorate my room with and its looking awesome. the only thing i have to work on is losing weight. i am scared of weighing myself again. but tina is getting a treadmill and i am going to get some weights and stuff and hopefully i will be able to lose weight again. so pretty much things are going great and that's it!
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breaking dawn [20 Feb 2009|01:32am]
[ mood | restless ]

the weakness was too much. my arms felt like empty rubber hoses for a moment, and then they felt like nothing at all. i couldn't feel them. i couldn't feel me. the blackness rushed over my eyes more solidly than before. like a thick blindfold, firm and fast. covering not just my eyes but also my self with a crushing weight. it was exhausting to push against it. i knew it would be so much easier to give in. to let the blackness push me down, down, down to a place where there was no pain and no weariness and no worry and no fear.
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[13 Nov 2008|02:26am]
[ mood | discontent ]

i don't really know what to do at this point. ever since i got laid off from my job i don't really know what to do with myself. i feel like i should be enjoying my time off from work. but i am actually really bored and depressed. the only thing i look forward to is working out and getting drunk. i don't know what type of job to get. i don't want to go back to the mall and i refuse to do that. but i also don't have enough experience to do things that i would be interested in doing. i might just have to go to a call center. ugh i don't know but i am seriously at a loss to what i should be doing right now. i want to enjoy what i am doing like i did my last job, i don't want to just settle for something. but i guess right now with the way jobs are going i just need to find something. this just sucks. why did they have to close my department that was a PERFECT job for me. :(

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[16 Oct 2008|09:51am]
[ mood | frustrated ]

i am still really upset about everything. i have been so depressed lately that i have been just sitting at home on the couch whenever i have time off of work. i dont move and i cant motivate myself to get up and go somewhere or do the things that i need to do. i have been doing as much over time as i possibly can to make sure i have enough money to last me. i did post my resume on monster.com and i sent my resume to a bunch of places on monster.com and career builders. i feel like that does nothing though. what happened to the old fashion way of going into the place and applying there and handing the application to a person? i hate this online bull shit. although i did get a call yesterday and set up an interview on monday. the job is at some school for pastry arts. i would be doing admissions work and basically be an assistant to the director of the school. i dont know about it but i am going to go to the interview anyway. i have a couple of leads but nothing serious right now. i am just so freaked out that my roommate (who is also loosing her job) is not going to have the money to pay me rent and everything else. i am really scared i am going to have to leave that place. another horrible thing is that i am gaining weight because i am so depressed and i need comfort food. i hate myself right now and i feel like there is no hope. i will never be the weight i want to be and i will never know what kind of career i want or what i want to do with my life. moving away would be so great but that will not solve my problems. i really need to fix my life and figure stuff out before i lose all hope.

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[03 Oct 2008|09:36am]
[ mood | crushed ]

they are closing my department at work. i am out of a job at the end of the month. you never think this could happen to you. i LOVE my job. i have never LOVED a job before. I've never said oh i don't mind coming to work and i actually like coming to work. NEVER. i am seriously devastated. i didn't think this would affect me like this, but not only am i out of a job when there are NO fucking good jobs out there but i am forced to leave a job that i love and people that i love. i am so angry that they are doing this to us. this was my plan for the future. i was hoping to be here for at least another year or 2 and then i was going to apply for a RAM position and move where ever they needed me. this was a way out of here for me. i feel sick. and i don't know what i am going to do. i am going to have to get another shitty job like ben and jerrys and work in a fucking mall the rest of my life. i have nothing going for me, this was all i had. i could possibly lose my fucking new apartment that i just got. i am at an all time low right now. EVERYTHING since the beginning of august has been horrible. and this is truly been this worst year of my life.

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i wish....... [26 Aug 2008|10:26pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

i wish that people would post in here more. this is one of the only sites i can go to at work. they blocked myspace and facebook. how sucky.

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just some stuff..... [07 Jun 2008|09:38am]
[ mood | tired ]

so things have been pretty crazy lately. as some of you may or may not know i have been promoted to supervisor at my work. i went up against 2 people, one being one of my good friends and the other a guy that had been there 2 and a half years longer than i had. all in all i guess i was right pick. i got a nice raise and everything has been wonderful.
at the end of august i will be moving in with tina and heidi. not that i dont enjoy living with loren but we are VERY different in our ways of living (and i thought i was going to be the messy one haha). plus he graduates in december from UCF and is not sure what he wants to do from there, and i dont want to sign another year lease with someone who might have to just up and leave. so this is definitely the best for both of us. and no we are NOT breaking up and yes everything is going good. so there you have it.
other than that i really want to go on a trip soon. ive been craving philly, but i also would love to visit las vegas. i have not been there before and i want to go to a place i have never been. it has been a year since tina and i went to LA and i need a trip soon. my birthday is coming up and i want to do something special for it even though i am dreading it. i am getting so old. its really scary. i also really need to get back on my diet because i am seriously feeling so gross right now. yeah i guess thats it.

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[18 Mar 2008|11:21am]
this week is very important. i am so worried and scared. good and very very bad could come out of it. i am not prepared to know the results.
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[11 Mar 2008|11:53am]
[ mood | confused ]

i cant even write how i feel. i cant even think. i am worried, sad, happy, nervous, excited, and scared all at the same time. i just need a fucking break. i need to get away for a little bit. you never know who you can trust seriously. i have a feeling that things are going to turn for the worst soon. who knows.....

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[06 Jan 2008|01:50pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

last night i had a dream that made me so happy, but it felt so weird. i had a dream that it was my birthday a few year down the road and i was at work and everyone got a cake for me. all of a sudden loren purposed to me. and that same day earlier on i took a pregnancy test and it was positive. so i told him that we were going to have a baby and we were both so happy. well i got woken up but when i went back to sleep the dream kind of continued but it was like a month or 2 later and i was pregnant and showing a little bit and in the dream i was so happy. like happier then ive ever been in my life. what does this mean?!?!? either way today i woke up and was in the best mood ever. i told loren about the dream and he thought it was cute. hmmmm..... confusing.

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[26 Dec 2007|06:48pm]
[ mood | full ]

i wish everyone would write in lj more including myself. it use to be so much fun... actually opendiary was so great in high school. i wish i could be so free in my journal like i was on opendiary, but then again i was a little kid and didn't care who knew my secrets. not that i have many now or anything.

life is good. that is basically it.

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[24 Jun 2007|05:13pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

cali was fucking amazing. it is so beautiful there. im so glad i got the chance to go there. maybe one day i will get the chance to live there.
everything else in my life is amazing too. i am just so glad that i know what it is like to love someone so much again. i cant believe i forgot. i just feel so lucky to have someone so amazing. i am so happy.

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[02 May 2007|08:30pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

my life is seriously so close to perfect right now. ive been doing really great with my diet. ive lost 26 pounds and i have about 14-18 pounds to go. work is pretty awesome. ive been full time for the past month which is great because i can finally get health insurance and benefits and paid vacations. and ive met someone so wonderful who i care about so much. i thought this would never happen for me because i am so picky and so uncomfortable with myself and just weird about relationships. but i am so comfortable with him and i really feel like i can be myself around him which is so important to me. and i actually now remember what it feels like to care about someone so much in this way. i can not explain how happy i am.

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[13 Mar 2007|10:45pm]
[ mood | good ]

life is going pretty good right now. i just started a new job that i really like. my diet is going really well and im just having a lot of fun. yeah thats pretty much it i guess.

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might as well.... [05 Feb 2007|02:35pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

even though im not working right now ive been keeping pretty busy. i do have an interview at ticketmaster tomorrow and im pretty much guaranteed the job and ill make some money and then me and kelly are trying to plan out a month long trip to europe in october. which is so fucking exciting. also ive been thinking really hard about what i want to do with my life and i think ive decided to try to go back to school for photography and become a professional photographer. to me thats the one thing ive ever done in my life that i ever truly loved and enjoyed. and i think i would be really good cause when i took photography in high school i think i was pretty good. so im excited about that. and ive been looking into some schools like the new york institute of photography and some school in philly. the new york one is a school that sends you the materials so you can do it from your own home in your own time and you send the assignments up to your instructor and they give you advice and stuff like that. but i wouldnt have a darkroom or anything like that so im not sure. but ill figure it out. ive also been going to the gym 6 days a week well i started last week but me and meg are totally motivating each other and im serious this time. weve been going to some classes including step 1 plus abs, body works plus abs, pilates, cycling, and yoga. and working out on top of that. and ive been doing pretty good on my diet. so ive got some plans going on and thats exciting for me. i just hope everything follows through.
im really upset though cause my computer is really fucked up right now and has a bunch of viruses on it so i had to take it up to best buy and i have to pay $250 to get it fixed and they have had it since wed. so ive had to use my moms computer and it seriously is the worst computer ive ever been on. it takes like 3 minutes to load a website yeah i have dial up but still thats to annoying. im just really worried about my computer cause i dont want to lose anything that i have on there mainly my pictures and videos. i would never be able to replace them and thats like my life so ill be really devistated if that happens. well thats all....

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i thought this was cute. [19 Dec 2006|06:41am]
On the twelfth day of Christmas, fishylove sent to me...
Twelve tattoos drumming
Eleven photobooths piping
Ten dennys a-kissing
Nine boys bowling
Eight shows a-drinking
Seven cartoons a-sleeping
Six liars a-dancing
Five bri-i-i-itney spears
Four video games
Three empire records
Two thrift stores
...and a queen in a photography.
Get your own Twelve Days:
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