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even though im not working right now ive been keeping pretty busy. i do have an interview at ticketmaster tomorrow and im pretty much guaranteed the job and ill make some money and then me and kelly are trying to plan out a month long trip to europe in october. which is so fucking exciting. also ive been thinking really hard about what i want to do with my life and i think ive decided to try to go back to school for photography and become a professional photographer. to me thats the one thing ive ever done in my life that i ever truly loved and enjoyed. and i think i would be really good cause when i took photography in high school i think i was pretty good. so im excited about that. and ive been looking into some schools like the new york institute of photography and some school in philly. the new york one is a school that sends you the materials so you can do it from your own home in your own time and you send the assignments up to your instructor and they give you advice and stuff like that. but i wouldnt have a darkroom or anything like that so im not sure. but ill figure it out. ive also been going to the gym 6 days a week well i started last week but me and meg are totally motivating each other and im serious this time. weve been going to some classes including step 1 plus abs, body works plus abs, pilates, cycling, and yoga. and working out on top of that. and ive been doing pretty good on my diet. so ive got some plans going on and thats exciting for me. i just hope everything follows through.
im really upset though cause my computer is really fucked up right now and has a bunch of viruses on it so i had to take it up to best buy and i have to pay $250 to get it fixed and they have had it since wed. so ive had to use my moms computer and it seriously is the worst computer ive ever been on. it takes like 3 minutes to load a website yeah i have dial up but still thats to annoying. im just really worried about my computer cause i dont want to lose anything that i have on there mainly my pictures and videos. i would never be able to replace them and thats like my life so ill be really devistated if that happens. well thats all....
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