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so things have been pretty crazy lately. as some of you may or may not know i have been promoted to supervisor at my work. i went up against 2 people, one being one of my good friends and the other a guy that had been there 2 and a half years longer than i had. all in all i guess i was right pick. i got a nice raise and everything has been wonderful.
at the end of august i will be moving in with tina and heidi. not that i dont enjoy living with loren but we are VERY different in our ways of living (and i thought i was going to be the messy one haha). plus he graduates in december from UCF and is not sure what he wants to do from there, and i dont want to sign another year lease with someone who might have to just up and leave. so this is definitely the best for both of us. and no we are NOT breaking up and yes everything is going good. so there you have it.
other than that i really want to go on a trip soon. ive been craving philly, but i also would love to visit las vegas. i have not been there before and i want to go to a place i have never been. it has been a year since tina and i went to LA and i need a trip soon. my birthday is coming up and i want to do something special for it even though i am dreading it. i am getting so old. its really scary. i also really need to get back on my diet because i am seriously feeling so gross right now. yeah i guess thats it.
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