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they are closing my department at work. i am out of a job at the end of the month. you never think this could happen to you. i LOVE my job. i have never LOVED a job before. I've never said oh i don't mind coming to work and i actually like coming to work. NEVER. i am seriously devastated. i didn't think this would affect me like this, but not only am i out of a job when there are NO fucking good jobs out there but i am forced to leave a job that i love and people that i love. i am so angry that they are doing this to us. this was my plan for the future. i was hoping to be here for at least another year or 2 and then i was going to apply for a RAM position and move where ever they needed me. this was a way out of here for me. i feel sick. and i don't know what i am going to do. i am going to have to get another shitty job like ben and jerrys and work in a fucking mall the rest of my life. i have nothing going for me, this was all i had. i could possibly lose my fucking new apartment that i just got. i am at an all time low right now. EVERYTHING since the beginning of august has been horrible. and this is truly been this worst year of my life.
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