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i am still really upset about everything. i have been so depressed lately that i have been just sitting at home on the couch whenever i have time off of work. i dont move and i cant motivate myself to get up and go somewhere or do the things that i need to do. i have been doing as much over time as i possibly can to make sure i have enough money to last me. i did post my resume on monster.com and i sent my resume to a bunch of places on monster.com and career builders. i feel like that does nothing though. what happened to the old fashion way of going into the place and applying there and handing the application to a person? i hate this online bull shit. although i did get a call yesterday and set up an interview on monday. the job is at some school for pastry arts. i would be doing admissions work and basically be an assistant to the director of the school. i dont know about it but i am going to go to the interview anyway. i have a couple of leads but nothing serious right now. i am just so freaked out that my roommate (who is also loosing her job) is not going to have the money to pay me rent and everything else. i am really scared i am going to have to leave that place. another horrible thing is that i am gaining weight because i am so depressed and i need comfort food. i hate myself right now and i feel like there is no hope. i will never be the weight i want to be and i will never know what kind of career i want or what i want to do with my life. moving away would be so great but that will not solve my problems. i really need to fix my life and figure stuff out before i lose all hope.
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