Take on me (fishylove) wrote,
Take on me


so things are going a lot better for me now. i got a job finally! i am actually working at ticketmaster again. but i have a higher up position and i am making a lot more money! i am seriously so glad to be back at work. and i love my job! i have a lot of responsibilities and i am happy about it. and i feel right at home because i already know most of the people here. i also moved in with tina. that is going great! i have to admit i was a little nervous to live with a kid but taylor is great! i seriously love having him around. hes so funny and he just livens up my day! i bought a bunch of stuff to decorate my room with and its looking awesome. the only thing i have to work on is losing weight. i am scared of weighing myself again. but tina is getting a treadmill and i am going to get some weights and stuff and hopefully i will be able to lose weight again. so pretty much things are going great and that's it!
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