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Pros & Cons of 30

So one of the girls on my favorite morning show on XL turned 30 today and since it will be my time to turn 30 in just 7 months I thought this post she made would be appropriate for me to post. As I am freaking about about being 30, I am also trying to embrace it

Turning 30 CONS

-You're no longer 'in your 20s'

-You can't get away with little to no make-up or just 'throwing something on' to wear

-You feel guilty after making irresponsible decisions

-People don't give you a pass for 'not knowing any better'

-Your tolerance for BS and drama significantly decreases making you much bitchier

-Losing weight is much harder

Turning 30 PROS:

-They say this is when women hit their sexual peak!

-You don't care as much about what other people think

-You're so much more confident!

-You're still not in your 40's ;)

-You get more respect and are taken more seriously

-Getting carded is a compliment and no longer annoying

-Your wrinkles don't take over your face yet, but still give you street cred

-You no longer have to worry about turning 30

-You've still got plenty of time if you haven't had a baby yet and if you're pregnant like me, it's a perfect age to give up your hard partying and become a Mom (if that's what you want)

-Your friends are usually established in a job and won't ask you for money or a place to stay

-Your relationship with your parents is better than ever

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