Take on me (fishylove) wrote,
Take on me

Life is good!

Life has been treating me like a queen this year! With how terrible last year was... I deserve this damn it! lol I am about to get married to the best guy in the world. Who treats me like I am the only woman in the world to him. I just can't believe we found each other.

My birthday is this Sunday.... the big 29 lol. It is being overshadowed by the wedding of course which is fine by me lol. Next year we are going to make my 30th a huge deal. Vegas baby! I can't wait!

My bachelorette party is next weekend which will be completely insane I'm sure. With almost 20 people coming I am sure we will end up leaving someone behind lol. I am SO excited!

Then wedding week. OMG I am just so excited. I have not had one stressful part to this wedding (besides waiting for the money to pay for it, which I finally got last month!) the whole experience has been amazing. I really have my 2 bffs Tina and Meg to thank for that. Without them I would have been lost. They were both so involved and such a big part of this wedding. I hope they enjoy it as much as I will. So many people are coming to town for the wedding and I can't wait to see them all!

Then November Dan and I will go on a short 4 day honeymoon cruise, but our big honeymoon will be England next year! So much to look forward to!!!!

Yay! :) :)
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you are definitely having an amazing year!! i am so happy for you & dan =)
Awww! You deserve every moment of joy you get! I'm looking forward to both your bachelorette party and your wedding <3 You're going to be such a beautiful bride!
I'm stoked to be there to see you and Dan get married. I'm going to cry like a giant queer LOL. Be ready for that. <3